Thursday, September 29, 2011

Market to Market!

I am getting so excited for this weekend and the big Market to Market race!  (  For those of you who do not know what that it, it is a relay race from Memorial Park in Omaha to the Haymarket Park in Lincoln.  WOWZA!  The race is difficult to get accepted into, as returning teams are grandfathered in and new teams are placed into a lottery, and clearly, we're in!  I am definitely the slowest runner on my team, lol, but I am so inspired by the seven other amazing runners of whom I get to join in this adventure, giving a big shout out to Lindsey, Dan, Amy, Jeff, Christie, Nate and Naresh!   You guys rock!
Knox & I Completely Destroyed Our Shoes after Lucky Bucket
Out of the eight of us, there are about half who have to run 3 different legs, each leg averaging 3-6 miles.  I, thankfully, am only running two legs, Stage 8 and 16.  Stage 8 is 5.41 miles with the baton passed to me for my big start in Springfield, NE!  My second leg, Stage 16, is 4.14 miles, and my starting point (i.e. exchange) is in Eagle, NE.  Starting at 8:15 in the morning, it is estimated that our team will have run the 78 miles in 10 hours, YAHOO!    I am very excited and honored to be participating with these super runners, and will definitely do what I can to cheer them on.

Cheryl, Myself, Heather and Gayle
@ the Lucky Bucket Off-road Race

I’m also excited for the post-race celebration.  My best friend Gayle and our very good friends Heather and Bruce are also running the race, and we plan to meet up and cheer on our Huskers!  I can’t wait for a win; I just know they can do it!  I, no doubt, will be fast asleep on the ride home from Lincoln after such an exciting and eventful day.
Knox is leaving for Vegas in the morning. I hope he has the best time as he has never been before.  It’s such a weird place, lol!  I love all of the shopping, food, shows and gambling, and I am excited that he is experiencing it with his best friends.  I can’t wait to hear all of the stories!  They are staying at one of my most favorite hotels, Planet Hollywood, which is a young and hip hotel/casino right in the center of the strip.
The band is confirmed for our big day! I’m so glad that we were able to get our first choice, and I look forward to having a ten piece band to help us dance the night away!  I finally made Knox dispose of all of the wedding cake samples that were remaining in our house as it was getting a little out of control eating a “little” slice of cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
My best friend Michelle is coming over tomorrow night for dinner and to hang, which will be a wonderful prequel to Saturday’s big race. 
Happy Thursday!

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