Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh, What a Weekend!

What a weekend!  We were SO busy this weekend and I’m not sure that much got done, but we had fun!
Knox and I decided to have a few friends over for the Husker game on Saturday, and therefore a trip to good ole Costco was in order Friday evening after work.  Oh, how we love that store.  J We first made a quick stop at Scheel’s  as I needed to pick up a new pair of running shoes as I was getting a hole in the toe of mine (way to pay attention, right?).   Arriving home at 9:30 p.m. without having eaten, I quickly whipped up some Croque Monsieur’s and a little salad with raspberry, walnut and gorgonzola dressing for the two of us.  Delicious!

Saturday we were up early and off to the Cake Gallery to sample wedding cakes.  SO GOOD (!  Minds made up we were off to our monthly massage appointment.  Oh heaven, I look forward to it every month!  I love nothing more than spending my Saturday mornings with Knox, and we soon returned home for an afternoon walk (the weather was absolutely beautiful) and to prepare for our evening guests.
The Huskers showed a nice win that evening over the Wyoming Cowboys.   Yahoo!  It was a great day and Knox was excited to get a brand new PlayStation3!  He was literally glowing.  I guess for some of us, it’s the simple things!  J

Sunday I was off to church and Knox and Zach went to shoot some trap.  Knox met my parents and I for lunch, and then we were home again, surprisingly enough, for another walk!  This time we had the three pups with us (we are babysitting Matilda who is Knox’s parent’s dog), and for anyone to see us walking all three, it had to be better than the circus.   Over the last week it’s like we have a herd of 10 pound cattle.  With Skeelo being the smallest (7 pounds) and Gussy the largest (17 pounds) it was a riot as they ran around the house in a little pack, all chasing the same bone after  each having been given their own.
Sunday evening I went and saw Jersey Boys at the Orpheum Theater with my best gal Sarah Spooner. ( The show was WONDERFUL!  I was surprised at how many songs I recognized that were performed by The Four Seasons, and I found myself frequently dancing in my seat!  I came home to make Knox listen to “Oh What a Night” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry” before bed. J  What a FUN night!  Sarah and I enjoyed a cocktail and appetizer and the ZIN Room prior to the show, and I must give it a two thumbs up.  The spinach artichoke dip appetizer was superb!  (  I think it’s one of those foods that had there been an endless supply, I just would have continued to eat it!  The happy hour pricing was also stellar, with two glasses of wine and the appetizer totaling just $13, service was wonderful.
This weekend went by so fast!  Volleyball tonight, and then Knox will be off to Vegas Friday to celebrate his best friend Bob who is getting married October 14.  I am working on the OPA Ball, our church’s biggest fundraiser, which will be held Saturday October 15th at Champion’s Run Golf Course.  The evening is a blast and I can’t wait to get dressed up with my fiance for a night out!  If you are interested, please let me know and I will forward you an invitation.  The food and dancing are great, and there are some pretty awesome silent auction and auction items…condo in Aspen anyone!?
Saturday I’ll be running Market to Market and plan to do nothing but relax and get some things done around the house on Sunday.  I am SO looking forward to it.  And best of all, my person will be returning home!
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