Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Yassas, everyone!  What an awesome weekend!
First and foremost, I bought my wedding dress on Friday! Hioh!   I am completely in love with it, and I am so excited to wear it on my big day!  The experience was simply delightful! From the women in my life who were there to support me in buying the most important garment I will ever wear (thank you Mom, Julie {Knox’s Mom}, Holly {Knox’s Sister} and Patty {Knox’s Grandmother}), to the most wonderful bridal consultant, Linda at Bridal Traditions who assisted me in finding the most perfect dress, I couldn’t have asked for anything more!  We rounded out the day having lunch with Maria, Eva and Mia (Eva and Mia are our flower girls) and viewing where we would be having our reception. I just can’t wait!
Friday evening we headed to Pizza King in Council Bluffs to have dinner with my family.  LOVE Pizza King (http://www.pizzaking1101.com/), and it very special to us as my brother’s godparents own it.  So delicious!  We ended the night with a trip to Harrah’s casino where my soon to be husband, The Slot Whisperer, had his usual success with the slot machines, leaving with $80 more than what he came with.  He is the sweetest and always splits his winnings with me as he will tell you I can probably lose money faster than anyone you know.  We had a great time and soon returned home so we could prepare for Saturday’s big game…
I will save my observations relative to the Huskers for another day, but will say I am very glad they won!  I am fairly confident the two young boys that sit in front of us each game are becoming increasingly unsure of what to think about Knox’s commentary as they frequently turn around and look at him with very perplexed looks on their faces, and sometimes the evil eye!

We had a GREAT time tailgating with Knox’s parents and a superb dinner at Firethorn Golf Club in Lincoln after the game with Knox and Julie, my parents, Pete and Abbe, Greg and Debbie Boosalis, Bronson Boosalis and my god sister Lia Sleder.  We stayed out a little too late, and could totally feel it the next day as we ran the Corporate Cup race in downtown Omaha (http://omahacorporatecup.org/).  So proud of my little brother for finishing in 53:51, go Pete!  We were exhausted afterwards, but the workout felt great!  We had a little lunch, made a trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart to purchase ANOTHER new couch (we love this one so much more) and then a quick nap before my godson’s 1st birthday!  I can’t believe that he’s already one, time flies!  Happy Birthday, Jackson!

I’m excited for the rest of this week as I am getting a little scrapbooking time in with my good friend Dani Hampton, a trip to River City Round Up with lots of good friends, date night with my fiancé, and what I know will be a win by the Huskers!
Happy Tuesday, ya’ll!!!

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