Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flower Girls!

So excited!  We officially have two flower girls and a very cute ring bearer that will be helping us celebrate our big day!  We had dinner last night at Bonefish Grill with Maria and Jim Sanderson (two of my favorite people) and their little girls Mia (5) and Eva (3) who have agreed to help us celebrate and participate in our big walk down the aisle!
If you haven’t met the two girls, they are absolutely HILARIOUS and completely adorable!  While at dinner, Mia decided to show us what our family was going to look like.  She started by drawing just two babies, but in the end, Knox and I were destined, per her table drawing, to have a family of eight.  Thank goodness I am far too old for that!

Oddly enough, we ran into Maria and the girls today at lunch.  They were SO excited to see us both, and if you know the two girls, they definitely have each selected a favorite between Knox and myself.  Mia’s eyes lit up when she saw me along with a huge shriek to tell me that she has made my wedding present already.  Eva, upon seeing “Mr. Knox” let out a loud shrieking “Knooooooooooooooooooooox” and ran right past me and flew into Knox’s arms giving him a big hug.  They are simply the cutest girls, have the best sense of humor, and I am so honored that they are going to be a part of our big day!
Last weekend was so busy and we’re already nearing this next weekend (no complaining here).  It’s just incredible how fast time flies.  I am returning to softball tonight in hopes that I won’t:
a) Be afraid of the ball!
b) Won’t get hit again!
I am in a ton of pain after last week’s debacle!  While there wasn’t much pain in the beginning, as the bruise has “subsided” (can you feel my eye roll on that one?) the pain has increased, and I’m just livid!  I am to run the Corporate Cup run on September 18th and Market to Market (a relay race from Omaha’s Old Market to Lincoln’s Haymarket) on October 1, and since the softball incident I have been able to get in a few baby runs.  But with the increase in pain, I haven’t been able to do much but lift, and so I’m a little nervous and frustrated as to what will happen when I take on the challenges!
Tomorrow evening we will be celebrating John and Kathy’s birthdays.   Happy Birthday, Mom and Dad!!!!  You guys rock and I love you!!!

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