Saturday, June 25, 2011

And It's Saturday!

Yassas, my friends!

I hope that you all have had a wonderful weekend so far.  Mine’s been nice and relaxing, the weather’s been great (a little humid), and of course, full of missing Knox!  I think you all will hear me continue to whine for the next few days until his return, so for everyone else’s sake, Knox, get back!  :p

Our annual Company wide meeting was held, yesterday, at the MidAmerica Center in Council Bluffs.  It was a rather eye opening moment to see all of the volunteers that were filling sandbags to protect Omaha and our surrounding communities as I drove through the parking lot to attend the event.  So much work that goes into filling just one sand bag, and hundred of sandbags are needed just to protect one small building.  I commend all of the volunteers who have taken to assist in this effort, as I am afraid the battle continues.  Below is a photo of Building 11 on the ConAgra campus.  The area on the left that appears to be dirt was once a parking area, and the sandbags have been stacked to create a four-foot wide by four foot high barrier in hopes to protect the building from future flooding.

After the meeting, my team decided to head over to the Company Store, which is located at the Council Bluffs Manufacturing plant.  I think this was the same idea that everyone else that had attended the meeting had as well.  I waited half an hour in line, but was able to purchase many of our famous brands at super discounted prices for myself, my parents and Knox.  My favorite thing that I walked away with was the Banquet Chicken Pot Pies and the Banquet Peach Fruit Pies.  While these are intended to be individual servings sizes, Knox and I always split them and pair with a salad to reduce the calorie count.  I love them, they are delicious, but they aren’t exactly the healthiest meal in the world.  And the best part is you can microwave them, so it’s a quick and easy meal if you don’t have a ton of time to cook, which happens to us during the evenings we play softball and volleyball.

I then was forced to go to my least favorite place in the world, the DMV!  Each year I am cognizant to mail my check and insurance the minute the card shows up in the mail informing me that my plates are due (I hear you can do this online now).  This enables you to avoid the lines (and headache) associated with actually making the trip to the DMV.  Well for some reason I did not get the notification card in the mail and had to actually go to the DMV.  40 minutes in line and A LOT of strange looking people, I was ready to run out of there.  Just saying.  After my time waiting in line at the Company Store and DMV, I don’t think that I have ever looked forward to pool time as I was at that moment!

This is where Knox spoils me.  As most of you know he has a gorgeous in ground pool, and that is where we have spent our pool time this summer.  With him being out of town, I decided to venture back to the country club pool where I had spent so many summers of my life.  I always enjoy thinking about all of the good times that I have had at the country club over the years, including when my parents threw me a Sweet 16 birthday party there, had the pool shut down for the private party, and pretty much invited all of Central High School’s Junior Class of 1999.  It was pretty freaking awesome.

Sadly, I can officially say that I am not heartbroken that I haven’t been there this summer, and am pretty thankful to have to use it as an alternative only when necessary.   Throughout all of the years that my parent’s have belonged to the country club, I always have selected the same spot at the pool to sprawl out and soak up the sun, which is right next to the diving board.  I love watching the little ones go off the board, and don’t mind the occasional splash that I get when the older kids jump over the board as it’s a perfect way to cool down.

Yesterday, however, as I was lying in my usual spot, I hear a group of 10-year-old boys bickering over how much to raise the diving board (the board there can be manually raised up and down).  One boy wanted it higher, one boy lower.  The boy who wanted it higher turned to the other boy and asked, “Do you even belong here”?  The other boy, head down, sheepishly said, “No, I do not”, and went on to say he was a guest of another boy.   Boy #1 then went on to say to him “Well then since you don’t belong here, you don’t get a choice, now do you”?  I couldn’t believe it!   My heart felt so sad for the boy who had just been delivered that nasty message.  That was the moment when I thought to myself, I am so glad I don’t have to come here frequently anymore and witness this kind of behavior.  Shame on the parents who have raised their ten-year-old son to be so exclusive and self centered.  I really enjoy that my parents belong to the country club, but I swear to you, it’s like the monster in everyone comes out during the summers there at the pool.  The exclusivity and feeling of being better then others festers each summer in the waters of that pool.  I don’t know how it ever got that way, but it makes me sad when people forget that money or not, we’re all the same.

Don’t get me wrong; I love that pool.  The trendy, fun, music, the children, and being able to have a glass or two of Pinot Grigio delivered to you by a pool boy aren’t anything to complain about!  And I was able to walk a way a shade darker than when I arrived, goal accomplished!

This morning I woke up and drove downtown to pamper myself a little and get my hair done.  I LOVE the Icon.  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s an amazing boutique salon on about 40th and Farnam.  I’ve been going there for years and it would take a real act of God for me to change where I go.  There are four stylists, I go to Bonnie, but would trust any of them with my long locks.  Check them out at

As we speak my mother is off to get her hair done as well, and then I’m off to meet her for a little shopping excursion.   Yes, it’s what we do best!  I might squeeze a little pool time in, and then off to Archiver’s for a 6 hour scrap booking session with my lady, Dani Hampton.

We’ll see how much I get done through all of our catching up, I can’t wait!


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