Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A New Beginning!

Yassas (that’s hello in Greek to all of you)!
Oh my, goodness…let me start by saying I’m so excited to start this blog! 
I’ve been reading a few of the blogs that my best girlfriends have started over the last year or so, and found myself thinking it’s time!  Most of you know that I am an avid journal-er (is that even a word?), and indeed, do still keep a diary.   And those books (yes, there are volumes) contain everything.  And when I say everything, I mean everything.  I know you all know what I’m talking about!  I think that my first diary entry was in 1993!  What is an 11 year old thinking, anyway, that’s significant enough to write in a book!?  Well, it’s continued on ever since.  In taking a step back and thinking about where I am today in my life, I thought to myself that it’s time to hang up the old diary and try something new.  So while this selfishly is for me, a new place to keep my diary and another way for me to document my life (in addition to my crazy scrapbooking addiction), I hope you enjoy it and please participate!  Parakalo (please!), post your thoughts and commentary, too!
You might be thinking, what’s up with the Cocktails, Party Dresses…and Snacks?!  Well, I thought it the perfect title to describe my life, as I know it today.  I think that every time I would get my girlfriends together, I’d say “Get your party dresses on ladies, and let’s go have some cocktails”.  Well the truth holds the same for today, but the Snacks part has become a pivotal part of the equation.  Life, today, is different.  We’re all grown up, in relationships, buying homes, getting married, having babies, and so while I still am totally about the cocktails and party dresses, my invites have now turned into “Get your fanciest pants on party people,  come over and let’s have some cocktails and snacks”!  We’re getting together at each other’s homes, going out for dinners, conversing over cocktails, and finally learning to live and relax.  And it’s great.  There’s nothing better than having a few people over and enjoying a little food, a little drink and little camaraderie.
And because this is MY blog, I get to be cheesy (I’m normally the one gagging over people’s curdling Facebook posts).  Yes, I do apologize, but it’s mine and I can do and say what I want, so here it goes!  I am completely blessed to have the most amazing boyfriend any girl could ever ask for. Now I know, ladies, that you all think that your husband/boyfriend/significant other is the bee’s knees, but I’m telling you, mines the best!!! ;)  He’s handsome, funny, gracious, witty, too smart for his own good and a real ham.  Ahhhh, Knox (smiling, smiling, smiling at the thought of him). 
Knox was generous enough to let me have a few of my favorite people over for to his beautiful home last weekend for a little pool and barbeque.  We had an awesome time.  My godson Jackson came over but could not get in the pool due to the thunderstorms that were surrounding us.    The adults (Knox and I, Jackson’s parent’s Liz and Jon Mehuron - Liz and I have been besties our whole lives - and Liz’s brother Zach and his girlfriend Kelli) had refreshing cocktails (I made my usual poolade of beer, vodka and lemonade) and some awesome snacks (which you’ll learn that for us has become synonymous with dinner).
The weekend ensued with a Saturday morning massage (Knox and I get a couples massage once a month), lunch, and an afternoon walk.  We walk, A LOT.   Knox left for Lincoln to pack for his Canada trip and I went to my cousin Tonya’s wedding (Congrats!).  Sunday we celebrated my little brother Theo’s 22nd birthday and father’s day at Champion’s Club with a little lunch/brunch, and then headed home for some pool time (I’m determined to figure out this water aerobics thing).  Sunday evening we had dinner with Knox’s family at Parker’s Smokehouse in Ashland.  If you’ve never been, it’s delicious!  Happily stuffed, we headed home for a walk and prepped for the upcoming work week, which brings us to today!
More to come, but it’s a start 
It’s almost time for cocktails (and a work dress) as I’m headed to dinner at Bonefish Grill with two of my favorite friends, James and Amy.  James and Amy were two of my co-workers in my old Chanel make up artistry days, and we’ve remained close ever since.
Bang, bang shrimp, here I come!
With love,


  1. I really should start blogging again.. people really enjoyed mine.

    It would be nice if it wasn't blocked at work :)

    We do need to get together more often, Knox's was fun.. who thought we would have so much in common :)Ha!


  2. I'm glad to hear about your relationship, you totally deserve a wonderful guy. So happy for you! I look forward to reading your blog!